Poetry Unit

(This unit was designed for grade 7 but is very adaptable to many grades)

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Overview: This unit is an exploration of poetry, the students work through all types of poetry to end the unit with centres where the students will use more inquiry thinking and independent work habits.  The beginning of the unit starts with setting up the kids with the proper literary devices used in poetry to allow them to be the most successful while writing poetry throughout this unit. Next the students will study a number of poetry types including:  limericks, clerihews, couplets, cinquains, non-fiction research poetry, concrete poetry, haikus, diamantes, blackout poetry. Some of the activities will include working independently, some will involve drama and the arts, the students will be learning new things and in different ways each day. At the end of the unit they will show what they can do through a number of poetry centres that they will complete both independently and with partners, they will hand in their best work at the end to be marked as a portfolio.