Master’s of Art


Masters of Art unit Grade 7

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Overview: In this unit the students will work together in small groups to study six masters of art that are recognized in history, they will work together to create a large project to be displayed in their classroom museum at the end of the unit. Individually, students will research their artist to create a timeline, write a biography, create an artist map, recreate their masters work, create their own work and collaboratively and they will even write their own artist write up to go along with their masterpieces. At the end of the unit the groups will display all of the information they have collected in a creative way to be show cased in the classroom museum. This museum will be set up for other classes to walk through, view, and ask questions about. The grade 7’s will present their work and ask any questions their viewers may have, the students will be expected to dress and act professionally as if they are taking part in a real art opening.