Grade 7 Science

Human Impacts and The Changing World

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Overview:  This unit is focusing mostly on the impacts of humans on earth, how we have negatively affected the environment, and all the problems it is causing. The students will look at the video Water & Life from New Dimension media to start off the unit. It is a two part video that talks about humans impact on water and climate change and water. Students will do both pre and post discussion and assignments along with these short videos.  Next the students will do a Web-quest on global warming, they will be in small groups and will do this research in the computer lab, this will help the students discover information on their own as well as aid them in becoming more research and computer savvy. These assignments will be presented to the rest of the class so each group has the opportunity to be the ‘expert’ on their subject and teach the other students what they discovered. Now that the students have researched and discussed many aspects of climate change and global awareness, they will take part in a hands on science lab where they will create a simulation of an oil spill in the ocean, this will be done in small groups. To complete this unit students will compile all the knowledge they have gained from this unit so far to create an invention to save the environment! This assignment will be presented as if they are on “Dragons Den” so they will present to “investors” (the teacher) and try to sell their product. The students will be able to choose any topic they would like to focus on, for example they could focus on water pollution, a specific species, air pollution, fossil fuels etc. whichever topic interests them the most.