Grade 3/4 Science

All About Weather! 

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Overview: This unit is designed to explore and introduce weather and weather processes to the students. The students will do a quick review on the water cycle, by labeling and acting out the water cycle to make sure they are clear on how the water cycle works. This unit will also explore the different types of clouds, how they are made, and how rain is made, through experimentation and inquiry. This unit is designed to be very hands on so the students can learn for themselves how weather works by seeing, touching, comparing, and creating weather simulations. Throughout this unit process skills will be assessed in each lesson. In each lesson the teacher will be looking at different aspects such as observing skills, hypothesizing, communication, predicting, and interpreting skills. The assessing will be done using checklists and rubrics to keep track of student performance in each lesson. The teacher will combine all assessments in the unit to come up with an overall process skill mark for the unit for each student.

Check out the clouds through the cloud viewers!
Teaching the types of clouds
Cloud viewers
Art project completed to continue the weather theme