Teaching Philosophy

What Makes a Great Teacher?

My philosophy as a new emerging  teacher is that students learn best in a healthy, supportive, positive, and encouraging atmosphere. When kids feel supported, they feel safe making mistakes; when they are encouraged, they will try their absolute best no matter what their best is. Positivity and positive (constructive) reinforcement is something I strongly believe in, and intend to continue to practise in my classroom and in my life. People are contagious, and teachers are highly influential professionals, so it only makes sense for teachers to set a good example. A healthy lifestyle is something I plan on including in my classrooms, because being healthy physically, socially, and mentally only increases one’s quality of life. If a students have eaten well, exerted their muscles (including their brain) and have a healthy attitude, they are a lot more likely to enjoy and fully understand what is going on in and outside of the classroom.


Positivity is something I think many people overlook. They may look at it as a simple word, but I feel it is much stronger than that. I feel this one little word has the power to change lives. My teaching philosophy is very similar to the philosophy I live my life by…  I believe that  if one can learn to love themselves and have positive feeling towards oneself, large change is possible. The ability to truly feel proud of yourself is not an easy task, I believe it takes years of practice to fully master this mindset. This philosophy transfers into the classroom quite seamlessly as my life moves from outside to inside the classroom.Throughout my classroom visits I have led students in exercises to help them with their self love and care, sometimes these exercises are subtle, and sometimes more direct. A lot of the time children and adults’ self talk is primarily negative, my goal is to change that. My goal is to simply bring more positivity into those lives that I enter.  


As a new teacher I am excited to be in the position to change the lives of young people, I am looking forward to laying my legacy, being the teacher that students remember, because I helped them see themselves in a different way. I want my students to be creative, celebrate their differences, try new uncomfortable things, and most of all learn to be proud of who they are. I feel I am non-judgemental, approachable, relatable, able to create personal connections, fun, engaging, passionate, respectable, and have the ability to treat anyone as my equal. I aim to be the teacher that changes the way students and young people think about themselves, others, and of course school. I believe that if people can learn to love themselves, respect themselves, and list a number of their positive attributes, then I have made a difference. Teaching is not simply a career or job to me, teaching is a lifestyle and a way of being. It is a lifelong journey of learning, trying new things, changing, and pushing yourself to better the little ones we are surrounded by. As a teacher, I am lucky. As a teacher, I am one of few people who can say “I can and will change the world for the better, one student at a time.”  When I walk to the front of a classroom I feel so lucky to be able to share my passion and creativity with these wonderful humans. As a teacher- I am lucky.