BC Teaching Standards

Standards for the Education, Competence and Professional Conduct of Educators in BC

  1. Educators value and care for all students and act in their best interests.
  • I respect my students confidentiality by only discussing their educational well-being with my TM  or my L.A.R.T.
  • I take time to build relationships with my students so they feel cared for, safe, and part of a positive educational community.
  • I make sure to think through my lessons and units before following through to make sure everyone is protected physically and mentally from any injury or upset.
  • I push my students to reach their absolute best, remembering no two students best are the same.


  1. Educators are role models who act ethically and honestly.
  • I hold my position as a teacher in very high regard inside and outside of the classroom, I remember that I am a role model to children and the community..
  • I know that my actions in all aspects of my life reflect on my profession so I ensure they are always a positive reflection.


  1. Educators understand and apply knowledge of student growth and development.
  • I have taken a  number of courses and professional development to educate myself on all my students needs and differences.
  • I will continue to learn throughout my career how to meet every child’s need in the most effective way possible.
  • I am committed to my journey in self regulation to continue learning how to implement the new BC Curriculum into my classroom, assess in a variety of ways, and to always be flexible to best reach my students and staff members needs.


  1. Educators value the involvement and support of parents, guardians, families and communities in schools.
  • I value my parents and community in my school, for example I arranged the student to do a number of special presentations where the parents were invited to take part to witness their child’s learning.
  • I continued to build relationships and communicate with my students parents after school (conferences) and on school trips (ex Sun Peaks Resort.)


  1. Educators implement effective practices in areas of classroom management, planning, instruction, assessment, evaluation and reporting.
  • When writing my students report cards I took time to look back on my students work and also conference with my Teacher Mentor when necessary, to ensure the student received the most thoughtful, helpful advice to better their education.
  • I used a variety of assessment to measure my students learning (as, of, for learning)
  • I made sure to implement assessment into my teaching so my students had clear expectations on what is expected of them.


  1. Educators have a broad knowledge base and understand the subject areas they teach.
  • I have taken the time to understand the new and old curriculums to teach my students to the best of my ability.
  • I have taught a unit in every subject using the new project based curriculum
  • Throughout my practicum I applied The First People Principles of Learning in every unit (ex. Group work and peer to peer share and talk.)
  • I am passionate about children and education, I am continuously learning how to implement new ideas and content into the classroom in the most interesting engaging ways.


  1. Educators engage in career-long learning.

As an educator I am continuously learning whether it be from my students, my colleagues, my family or from teachers at university. I am excited to continue taking part in Pro-D days and am interested in signing up for work shops this summer and in the future to further my knowledge. I have a  love for learning, I think teachers should be the first to know the newest ways of teaching and learning, we should be continuously researching, discovering, and sharing new ideas and methods. Teachers need to continue to be excited about learning, because it is our passion and excitement about new content that pushes our students to be excited about their learning. In my opinion a passionate teacher equals passionate students.


  1. Educators contribute to the profession.

In all my practicums I took part in extracurricular activities in the school to give opportunities to students. I coached basketball, organized school dances, taught each grade guided dance, helped with parloff teams, volunteered at cross country runs, and painted the backdrop for the christmas production. When I was a student I took part in years of school based extracurricular activities with teacher volunteers, now it is my turn to give back and return the favour. By taking part in extra activities this also helps grow a different type of relationship with your students, and other students throughout the school.